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Dephace - About UsComputerized technology is an ever-expanding phenomenon that brings forth excitement, confusion, mystery, simplicity, changes, and movement – and guess what? We Love It! We want to spread the wealth of knowledge.

Dephace was created to give fellow techies a source for hacking howtos, technology projects, linux guides, and other tech tutorials. The field of computerized technology is expanded at an exponential rate and this means there needs to be informative sources and places to share or gather knowledge.

Dephace only consists of one founding member and is currently seeking other “techies” that are interested in joining the team.

Why Dephace?

The word Dephace was taken from the concept of defacing a website. A hacking term that demonstrates an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of the site. We don’t condone the use of unethical hacking to inflict harm, damage, or defacement. We simply wanted a name that was related to the concept of hacking, that was available as a domain name, and was easy to spell.

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Raspberry Pi Format SD Card

Raspberry Pi Format SD Card-microSD Cardvideo
Portable devices such as cell phones and digital cameras normally use an SD (Secure Digital) card because they are very small, compact, light weight,...